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Welcome to the world of Capmon - a brand new way to fight in D&D!

Fighters use weapons and wizards use spells, but the classes also capture and command monsters to fight for them.

The Capmon Handbook is 130 pages of everything you’ll need to adventure in this fantastic world. It includes:

  • Three new Capmon classes
  • 10+ subclasses for each class, including a villain subclass
  • New feats for Capmon
  • New magic items for Capmon classes
  • 60+ new monster stat blocks, most ranging from CR ¼ to 6
  • And more!

Whiteplume Mountain Playthrough - Part I

Fight With Your Monster Companions

Fight alongside dire wolves and explore the world atop the backs of mammoths using this new book! Raise your companions until they have strength to rival giants, fire dripping from their fangs, and metal coating their claws. No longer shall your wolf companion or griffon steed die from the lich’s fireball, but you shall delve into the heat of battle alongside your animal companions!

The Woman and the Wolf - a Sample Story

Read how the wise woman faces down a gang of bandits on the mountain-side alongside her faithful companion. The woman employs her own capmon to easily vanquish her foes, all while using the grace and tactics of a Capmon Bonder in action.

The sun shone down from overhead as mountains rose far above. A cool wind whipped through the peaks, bringing the crisp smell of the river which lay a few miles to the east. The sky was blue with only a few clouds. However, none looked up. As the woman walked along the rocky path, she kept careful watch of her footing, lest the treacherous road give way and she fall, tumbling down the mountainside. At her side walked a wolf, who kept his nose in the air on alert.